My Ham Shack Construction

Workbench and Counter areasMy family and I moved to our current QTH (location) November 2004. Our new home had a lot of extra space in which we could build some needed rooms. The area was an open space of about 26? by 50?. We made the first 16? of the 50? area into a nice family room. With the rest, we built a spare bedroom, a large storage closet, and workshops for my wife and me. My area is about 14? by 12?, large enough for a good Ham Shack and work bench for my homebrew experiments.  Here is a photo essay of that journey. Put your mouse pointer over the pictures to get a brief description, and click the picture to see a larger view of it.

I finally was able to start construction of my shack in November 2006. I took some vacation time from work and was able to spend some good time on the shack. My goal was to have it mostly finished by Christmas 2006. Could I do it? Check it out here.