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W7MRI’s Power Hub W7MRI’s

Powerpole Power Hub construction details

Don, W7MRI, designed a simple little circuit board that holds several sets of Anderson Powerpole connectors. These connectors are quickly becoming a standard connector for low voltage DC applications. Go HERE to see a photo essay of the construction of one of these simple kits provided by Don.  (This page was edited on Nov. 17, 2008 to point to a new page)

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SRT Many of the youth in our church went through a six week class called “The Silver Ring Thing“. The Silver Ring Thing is the fastest growing teen abstinence program in the United States. Thousands of young adults around the country are choosing a higher standard than society places on them. While society bombards the youth of today with the message, “you are going to do ‘it’ anyway”, thousands are successfully defying this message by being pure for their life-long mate. Two of our young adults have chosen to remain pure and when they reached adulthood, we honored them with a silver “purity ring”. They also went through the “Silver Ring Thing” at our church and got another very nice ring to go with the first. We are so proud of them for, again, committing them selves to purity. When they do find that life-long mate, they will give their rings to their husband on their wedding night. Good job girls.

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Easter Morning We spent this Easter in Kalispell with Carol’s relatives. We had our big Easter dinner on Saturday evening because we needed to travel home on Sunday after the church’s resurrection service since I have to be at work on Monday morning at 6:00 am. We also celebrated Heather’s (our oldest, who lives and works in Kalispell) birthday since it is in about a week. After a gut busting dinner of ham, turkey, and all the trimmings, some played a mean game of Phase TenPhase Ten, while others talked into the night. We finally got to bed around 12:30 am on Sunday morning. Needless to say, getting up for Easter service was kind of slow. The blurry eyed children woke up to baskets full of goodies.

We made it to Christian Center Church with plenty of time to spare. There was three services to accommodate all of the C and E (Christmas and Easter) church goers and it was pretty packed. The short service was great with the choir finishing up the service with a fantastic rendition of “My Redeemer Lives.” He indeed does live. Have you accepted His FREE gift of eternal life? He took the death upon Himself that should have been ours, and He came alive again, so we can do the same with Him forever. No amount of good deeds or church going will get you there. Only trusting in Him will do it. Happy Resurrection Day

Our Picture Gallery Visit our picture gallery to see more Easter Eve and morning pictures.

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Its a Bird, its a plane, no… it the easter rabbit?

Is it Jesus returning for His own? NO…, its the Easter Rabbit!

While our older children went snowmobiling, our two youngest ones went on an Easter Egg (really, just candy) Hunt at a local church while we were here in Kalispell for Easter. What a joke! There were at least a thousand kids there. There was set up, three inflatable toys to play on for the 1000 kids. Lines were a half a block long for each inflatable when they announced that the inflatables would be taken down in 12 minutes. All of the children were then told to go near the area where the Easter Bunny and others were to parachute down from the sky, then the candy hunt would begin.

A plane flew over, dropping three parachutists then made another round in the sky. During the second round, out of the sky, like Jesus’ returning, the Easter Bunny parachuted down.

Once the parachutists (including the Easter Bunny) got off the field, the kids were let go to find candy. The area was divided into thirds according to age. So, with over a 1000 kids divided into the three areas, plus all the parents, they all ran forward to find the candy. The crowd was so dense, that the first wave of kids and adults traveling over the field picked up almost all of the candy, leaving almost nothing for the hundreds of kids to follow. I was with JJ; and he got about a dozen pieces of candy. That was pretty good considering the crowd. Alia, who was in with the older children, found four pieces of candy. What a zoo!

I was quite disappointed that this church had such a crowd show up with NO mention of what Easter is really about, “the fact of The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ“, either in the literature they handed out, or during any messages they were telling over the PA system they had set up out there. Instead, they had this giant white rabbit float down from the heavens to greet the kids.

When we got home, we did our own candy hunt. I threw a bag of candy across the lawn, and JJ and Alia had a great time running and collecting as much as they could. Fortunately, we did not waist too much time at the zoo.

Our Picture Gallery See some pictures of the hunt HERE, plus our own little hunt in the back yard of Grandma’s house.

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Coloring Easter Eggs After a great supper of pizza, we colored several dozen Easter Eggs.  After the clean-up, Grandma served us a delicious desert of Strawberry Shortcake.  Yum!

Our Picture Gallery Click HERE for a look at a few photos of our fun time.

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Deer in the Swan Valley My family drove to Kalispell today to spend the Resurrection weekend with Carol’s mom. We drove through the Seeley / Swan valley and experienced several seasons of weather. The area around Seeley Lake was like a magical winter wonderland with fresh snow on the trees and over a foot on the ground. The highway, however, was completely clear. We saw one herd of elk, and well over a hundred deer on the way. What a terrific trip. Hopefully, I will be posting more this week-end. Where will you be on resurrection day? I hope you make it to a good Bible teaching church and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. It’s the most wonderful gift He could give to you.

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Did you know that every time you visit a web site, your web browser gives the web site you are visiting, information about your operating system and web browser? And, your Internet Service Provider’s, IP (your Internet address) reveals your approximate location. Here is what is reported about you! Check out the Danasoft Graphics Generator that makes these little signs at

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Here is a great old movie from 1939 “Radio Hams” Film (Pete Smith Specialty) explaining what Amateur Radio is all about. Click THIS link to see what Ham Radio is all about today! Check it out, its FUN!

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woe [woh] –noun

  1. grievous distress, affliction, or trouble: His woe was almost beyond description.
  2. an affliction: She suffered a fall, among her other woes.
  3. an exclamation of grief, distress, or lamentation.

The Innards of My Compter With No USB ports. A Rats Nest Of USB Cables, Hubs, and Transformers. Put dry weather, carpet, computers, and billions of spare electrons together, and you have a good case for static electricity.  I touched a USB cable attached to my computer and drew a nice arc of static electricity.  And then, all was dead.  No keyboard or mouse control.  No external back-up drive, no printer, no scanner, no memory card readers, no Ipod, no camera, no USB thumb-drives.  All of these devices instantly quit working.  After much diagnostic work, I surmised that my little shock, burned a hole in one too many semiconductor junctions.

I had five USB ports in the back of my computer and another three in the front and none would work.  Unfortunately, all of these USB ports were built on-board the motherboard.  Our local shopping center of Helena, MT does not host a great number of options when it comes to computer parts.  Wal-Mart produced nothing, and Staples had a simple USB card with two external ports and one internal.  I bought two additional four port hubs to multiply the numbers a bit.  This is an unhandy situation since the three ports on the front of my computer are now worthless.  I could of ordered a nice USB card with five ports for next to nothing from but then, I would have to wait several days to get things up and running again.  Maybe I will order it anyway and move all of this makeshift stuff to my older computer that I have in my Ham Radio Shack.

Then to make matters worse, my computer only has two PCI slots with both filled.  I discarded the PCI modem, since I have broadband and put the USB card in that slot.

Now, with a tangle of wires, transformers, and USB hubs, I got everything up and running again… Just not as convenient as before.

And, the moral of the story is?  Discharge yourself of all static electricity before touching your computer. 

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Desire’ steps up to the microphone… Jefferson County schools have been having a series of Spelling Bees. Clancy School, being part of the Jefferson County school system, was no exception. Our daughter Desire’ made it to the finals for Clancy School and was invited to the County Spelling Bee in Boulder. Tonight (Thursday) was the night. The family piled into our Dodge, and we wound our way over the mountain to Jefferson High School in Boulder. Desire’ nervously waited along with about 30 or so other students, who were also sweating it out. There was a trial round of words as a warm up, then the real thing! Though, Desire’ did not win, we are so proud of her for doing her best and was included in the group of the Clancy’s best spellers. The young lady that did win the Spelling Bee, was also from Clancy. Go Cougars! Desire’, we are proud of you.

Our Picture Gallery Click this button to see more pictures from the Spelling Bee.

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