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First Day of School

Our children have started school for another year. Katie and Desire’ started school on Monday.  They are officially in High School.  Ana, Alia and J.J. started Wednesday.  Here are pictures of Alia’s and J.J.’s first day.  Can you believe it?  … Continue reading

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Our Retaining Wall

Our project for the summer, has been building a new retaining wall in our back yard.  It has been a long hard process, with quite a few weeks of no work because of other activities, and hot weather.  We are, … Continue reading

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My First Animation

I did my first computer animation. I decided I would like to try animating part of the Mandelbrot Fractal. Our computers run on Ubuntu Linux; and I used the following software to do my little project: I used “Fraqtive” to … Continue reading

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Downpour Festival 2009

We made our second annual trek to Downpour Festival in Great Falls, MT  on Saturday, August 15.  Katie, Desire’, and Ana went with our church‘s youth group on Friday.  The weather was very very cold and very rainy; but the … Continue reading

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Alia’s New Eyes

Alia was born with congenital cataracts. She had the lenses in her eyes removed when she was a few weeks old.  Ever since then, she had to wear very thick glasses to compensate for her eyes having no lenses of … Continue reading

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Our Baker

Ana has really taken to baken lately.  She made us a wonderful cherry cheesecake pie and a delicious appricot cheesecake pie.  They were both VERY good.  A few days later she made us some yummy muffins and brownies. OHHH!

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Photo Gallery Updated

I’ve gotten behind in updating our Photo Gallery.  This evening, I spent some time in doing just that.  Click HERE to see photos for the events from the last several months in the McDougalls’ Home.  Enjoy. John

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Life Brings Tears, Smiles, and Memories… The Tears Dry, The Smiles Fade, But The Memories Last Forever. Desire’ had a friend, Aleah,  from California visit for a week. They wanted to design a tee shirt and make a couple for … Continue reading

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