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The 57th Annual National Day of Prayer will take place Thursday,
May 1, 2008. The theme for this year is “Prayer! America’s Strength and Shield” and is based on the verse from Psalm 28:7 which states: “The Lord is my strength and shield; my heart trusts in Him and I am helped.”

Dr. Ravi Zacharias will help lead this nation in prayer as the 2008 Honorary Chairman of the National Day of Prayer.

National Day of Prayer Proclamations

National Day of Prayer, 2008

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

A Proclamation by the Governor of the State of Montana

Montana National Day of Prayer Events

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My family and I had the opportunity to view the documentary “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed“.  As you read reviews of this documentary, they are almost completely bi-polar.  Either they loved it or thought it was stupid.  I loved it.  Many people try to make the documentary something that it is not.  It is not about whether or not you believe in evolution or intelligent design.  No, it is about the shutting up those who think differently than the evolution camp.  There is no room for someone thinking different from them; and this movie showed that quite plainly

This post is not about that, however.  In the film was a clip showing some of the processes of cellular activity.  This is an amazing clip.  This is what is said about the clip.

“the animation illustrates unseen molecular mechanisms and the ones they trigger, specifically how white blood cells sense and respond to their surroundings and external stimuli.”

View this amazing animation HERE. You can see the same animation HERE along with naration giving a good description of what is going on.  I’m sure this animation doesn’t even do justice of all of the processes that occur that scientists haven’t even discovered yet.  No Intelligence involved?  You’ve got to be kidding!

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Flathead County Sheriff’s fire investigator Pat Walsh walks through the charred kitchen at Perkins Family Restaurant on Friday. Garrett Cheen/Daily Inter Lake

Many of you may know that I worked for Perkins Restaurants for many years. I moved up to Kalispell to help open that restaurant, and that I where I met my lovely wife. Yesterday morning, I heard the disturbing news that Perkins in Kalispell burned. I knew every board in that place as I was there during the construction and opening of the restaurant. I worked there as Associate Manager with the owner Craig Witte for about two years before moving to Butte to train as general manager for the Helena Perkins. May God be with Craig, his family, and all of the employees that are now with out jobs. Click HERE to see the news from “The Daily Interlake” newspaper in Kalispell.

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Here is some catching up of pictures that have been piling up. The first few are of my birthday that has come and gone again. J.J. had a good time with the balloons which were leftover from Melodee’s birthday.

Then, some of Ana. Her class had an essay writing contest about D.A.R.E. Ana won the award for the best essay from her class. Great job Ana!

A couple of girls from the Missoula Children’s Theater came to the kids school to put on a cute play of the “Piped Piper“. All of the actors, except one from the Missoula’s Children’s Theater, were from the kids school. All of the auditions, practices and performances were done within four days. WOW! The kids did great and Alia did a great job playing Rat #1. See how cute she was in the play. Great job Alia!

Click the picture to see the Photo Album of all these fun events.

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A couple of days ago, before we got our big April snow storm, there was deer a-plenty. Here are some of them wandering around in our yard making our cat Mocco very nervous. After our snow storm, the elk came down near our house. Click HERE to see some pictures of the deer and a video clip we took of the elk.

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On April 7th’s post, I shared with you about our girls and their snowmobile adventures up at Ashley Lake during our Easter week-end up in Kalispell. We just received some more pictures from their cousin Colby, who had a digital camera. Click on a picture to see a larger view. You can go HERE to see all of the pictures from their adventure.

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Today, we woke up to a beautiful ‘spring’ day. Yes, it’s spring time in the Rockies. The April Showers turned into a good spring snow storm. About half of the state got inundated with a pretty powerful winter storm. It’s a good thing though, that we have a plow. Right?

Bad news. Yesterday, I started the plow truck up and it started just fine. I had the choke on a bit too much, and when I got out to make sure the hubs were in for four wheel drive, the truck chugged and quit. I went back in to restart it and “nothing”. The lights didn’t dim or anything. I crawled under the truck to investigate the starter, and a nut on a terminal on the solenoid came off. I tightened the nut, but it didn’t do anything. I fear that I am going to have to take the starter out and rebuild the solenoid. In the mean time, we have no show plow, and no garage to fix it in. Please, pray that we can get up the hill because of all of these “April Showers”. Enjoy the show. In a couple of months, we will be thankful for it.

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As many of you know, I am an Amateur (Ham) Radio Operator. I have a dipole antenna hung in the trees, but not high enough. When I strung my antenna, I took a rock, tied a light rope to it, and tossed it underhand, as high as I could. After several attempts, I reached a spot in the tree that was secure, but not nearly as high as I would have liked. What I needed, was a “Wrist Rocket“, a sling shot type of gadget that has a mechanical advantage. That was three years ago.

Now, yesterday, while I was roaming through Wal-Mart, I happened across a pallet of boxes marked “Hyper Products – Dummy Launcher“. This is a device very similar to a Wrist Rocket, but is actually made to launch a “Dummy” to train you favorite hunting dog. The price? A mere $5.00. I immediately picked one and purchased it. Today, after work, I went out to the back yard and tried this new device out. I am able to launch the supplied “dummy” about three times as high as my current dipole is situated. I may attempt to try a lighter “load” as the dummy is quite heavy and “dog durable”. I checked for this product on-line and it runs for $19.95 at the one on-line store I looked at and high as “32.56. HA!

So, for your own “wire antenna launcher”, run out to Wal-Mart before they are all gone and pick one up for five bucks.

73, John

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View photos of our Missions Banquet

On April 12, our church had our first Missions Banquet. Our speaker was Ron Maddux; and he really encouraged us as we walk out our call to missions as a church. Ron Maddux has served as regional director for Northern Asia since 2001. We spoke live to Andy Raatz (using Skype and the Internet), one of our missionaries in Moldova. Our church is sending two teams of workers to Moldova this year. Carol and I will be (the Lord willing) going to Moldova in October. Please, pray that everything will come together for these trips. Plenty of pictures from our first Missions Banquet are HERE; and two videos of our Children’s Choir that performed during the evening are HERE. Enjoy

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Jefferson County Courier article on fire.

In my post titled “An Unpleasant Phone Call to Make” written on April 1st, I mentioned that we had to call in a fire we saw on our way to Helena. We “almost” made it in the paper. Our local weekly county newspaper “Jefferson County Courier” had a front page article about the fire and stated “the fire is believed to have been reported by a passing motorist”. Our “almost” two minutes of fame. Click on the picture to see a larger view. John

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