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A year ago, Carol and I had the pleasure of going to Moldova with a Missions Trip from Neighborhood Assembly of God, in Helena, MT.  While in Moldova, we worked on the foundation of a church in a town called Bubuieci.  This church has been meeting in a house because they had no building of their own.  While we were there, with us, there was no room in the church, so they brought all of the pews outside onto the driveway where we had a great service.  You can see more about that HERE, HERE, and HERE.  I chronicled our trip to Moldova, and it can be seen HERE.

We received the following update on the Bubuieci church and wanted to share it with you.  It is so good to see the church building coming along.  God is so good!

– John

The Moldova Mission
eNews October 2009

Moldova Logo
Building The Church in Bubuieci

The church in Bubuieci, Moldova is over 10 years old but has never had their own building to meet in. At the present time they meet in an overcrowded house. This past year a $40,000 piece of property was miraculously donated by a lady in the village. We are now working hard to build the church for this growing congregation.

In September, New Life Church from Princeton, Minnesota sent a team of 11 to help with the work in Bubuieci. In one week the team made a huge impact as the floor and the walls are being completed.

Bubuieci Church in May 2009…

bubi church fam
Church family at the construction site in May, 2009.

bubi building constr bubi sasa and troy on hill

Pastor Sasha and Troy discussing plans for the next phase of construction.

Bubuieci Church in September 2009…..
bubi wall line bubi ann
Many hands make light work              Ann Jungers building the wall

bubi water bubi sasa wheelbarrow
Water break for BJ and Keith                 Pastor Sasha hard at work

bubi men floor bubi men working
Working on the floor for the future sanctuary

bubi heather bubi keith

Heather                                       Eugene

bubi ladies bubi ladies visit
Hard working ladies from Princeton                    Visiting the elderly

bubi church member bubi charles

Andrei and son                   Charles and Pastor Sasha

bubi leaders
bubi team and members

Thank you to leaders Jon and Ann Jungers and the whole Princeton team. And to their church in America for sending and supporting them.
We are workers together in God!

In October we have another team coming from Montana to continue work on the Bubuieci church. We are hoping to get the church far enough along so that they can begin meeting in their new facility before winter. As well, will be organizing a Convoy of Hope outreach during this time. Any gifts toward the work in Bubuieci will go a long way and be greatly appreciated.

We feel privileged to be partnering together with you as we build the church in Moldova. Your faithful prayers and support keep us going. God bless you!

Family pic of us 3

Troy, Heidi Jo and Heather Darrin
The Moldova Mission

For online contributions, please click on the secure site:
Assemblies of God World Missions Contributions/Darrin

To mail your support:
If you would like to mail a contribution to the Darrin’s Moldova Mission, send support to:  Assemblies of God World Missions, Account #2260974, 1445 N. Boonville Avenue, Springfield, MO, 65802-1894.

Our field address:
Troy & Heidi Jo Darrin                                 WANT TO SEE MORE?
Str. Primaverii 4                                          Become Heidi’s friend on facebook at
Chisinau, Moldova 2064                              HeidiJo Ness Darrin at


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Katie and Desire’ spent much of Friday (Sept. 25, 2009) at Jefferson High School in Boulder.  They helped decorate the floats, and get ready for the homecoming parade and game.  Desire’ took a video of the parade and here it is.

– John

embedded by Embedded Video

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Ana, being our favorite cookie cook, mixed up a couple batches of spritz cookies for us.  Yes, we know that Christmas time is the time for spritz cookies; but we were not about to complain.  Hmmm good!  Click on a picture to see a larger view.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the finished product… They did not stick around long enough!

– John

Ana pumping out spritz cookies Hmmm, they look good. A tray of spritz ready for the oven.

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We were goofing around the other day with Desire’s hair. Poor Desi! Here are some pictures with Desire’s hair on J.J., on me, then on … Desire’. Her hair definitely looks best on HER.  Click on a picture to see larger ones … if you dare. Wink

– John

Desire's hair on J.J. Desire's hair on me. Desire's hair on Desire'

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See You At The PoleThe annual student led “See You At The Pole” event is scheduled to be held Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at your local school’s flag pole.  Take a stand for your faith in Jesus Christ by gathering with fellow believers and praying for your school, teachers, and administrators.  They really need it.  Millions of studends will be attending this event.  We need it!  America needs it!

Click the picture to go to the SYATP web site.

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Arwen Arwen The new scratching post for the catsArwen doesn't waist time getting used to the scratching post.Arwen on the top of the new scratching post. Arwen after her surgery with a sock on her neck. Arwen after her surgery.

As I mentioned on my previous post, we got a new kitten on Labor Day. She is a ball of pure energy.  Arwen (the new kitten) and Mocco (our older cat) like scratching and destroying our house.  To help ease this problem, I made a new scratching pole for them.

On Sunday (Sept 13th) we had her spade.  That made her very mad and we paid for it for the next 24 hours.  She started licking the incision and we went through many difficulties and a sleepless night trying to get her contained.  Finally, in the middle of the night, we managed to wrap a large wool sock around her neck to prevent her from licking the would.  We had her contained in a pet carrier, and the cat turned into “catzilla.”  Ana stayed home with her on Monday, while the rest of us went to work and school.

She is now doing great; and the incision is healing up nicely.  As for us, we are still tired!

Click on a picture to see larger ones.


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We had a very fun and eventful Labor Day weekend. We started out camping at our favorite campground.  All was great until around midnight when the owners of our neighboring camp arrived at their camper, started their generator and partied until the wee hours of the morning.  Katie, Desire’ and Ana were trying to sleep in the tent.  We finally had them come into the camper.  The next night, they did not party, but came and went a couple of times all through the night.  They started the generator in the middle of the night when they arrived.

We had fun days, but we finally decided to come home and sleep in our own beds.  We played games, and listened to a portion of the audio book “Black” by Ted Dekker.

On Monday, the girls were thrilled to receive a new kitty (yes, our second cat).  She is a rough and tumble kitten that we named Arwen from the Elf Arwen in the Lord of the Rings.

Here is a video summing up the weekend.

embedded by Embedded Video

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We enjoyed a fun time together on Sunday evening on August 30th as Neighborhood Assembly of God Church celebrated our summer picnic.  We totally stuffed ourselves on hamburgers, hot dogs, polish dogs, and more goodies than one is allowed to imagine.  We had super fellowship with those we love, and there were lots of games, blowups, and activities for kids of all ages.  There was even a creek to wade in to cool off.  All of this happened at the Kleffner Ranch, which has one of the largest (if not the largest) old barns in the United States.  Click on the picture to see a slide show of our fun evening.

Click the photo to see more from our fun picnic.


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We attended the Jefferson County Fair this Saturday. It is always a fun time and much more relaxing than trying to fight the crowds, the carnivals, and the drunks at fairs in larger populated counties.  The kids had a blast.  A couple of the features were the “Tiernan Irish Dancers,” and the “Boulder River Carousel.” Click the picture to see a slideshow of photos.


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