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The Perfect Christmas

We have not had snow on Christmas for quite a few years, and it has not snowed ON Christmas day for even more years than that.  Today, the temperature was in the mid twenties, and it snowed and snowed so … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

All of us at the McDougalls’ Home wish you the Very Merriest Christmas.  Embrace the free gift God has given us as we remember the time when God left His throne, stepped into time, and entered this world as a … Continue reading

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J.J.’s Kindergarten Christmas Program – A Great Ten Minutes

Tonight, we all took a trip over to J.J.’s kindergarten school and watched his class perform.  They were all darlings and did a great job.  They sang five songs and took a whole ten minutes for the entire performance.  We … Continue reading

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The meaning of “Never give up”

My brother Tom sent me this YouTube clip.  Our society increasingly throws away those that are not like the rest.  The outcasts of society.  This YouTube clip about Nick Vujicic, is a perfect example of how God can take the … Continue reading

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It Is Christmas Time

Christmas starts in the McDougalls’ Home the day after Thanksgiving. We love the Christmas season, and celebrate it to the full.  What an exciting time of the year as we remember how Jesus humbled himself and came to this earth … Continue reading

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See You At The Pole

Christian Students everywhere use their First Amendment rights as they gather around the schools’ flag poles before school starts, on Wednesday, September 24. This is an annual event where students express their love and dependence on Jesus, and pray for … Continue reading

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DownPour Festival 2008

Click HERE for a larger view of the slide show of the DownPour Fesitval. Our family to a road trip yesterday (Saturday) to Great Falls to attend the annul “DownPour Festival” held there every year.  From their website, “DownPour Festival … Continue reading

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Around the World with AiG’s Ken Ham – NASA and Aliens

It is sad that so many well meaning organizations, like NASA, are waisting so much time and money on such nonsense. I am an Amateur Radio enthusiast, and I am sad to report that a certain segment of the Ham … Continue reading

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