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shotCarol and I went to Moldova on a short term missions trip last fall. We were required to get some vaccines, and a couple of them needed to be administered more than once.  Now, six months later, we finally got our last Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines.  This last dosage was required to insure we would be immunized for life.  Does that mean we will be going on another another missions trip?  We certainly hope we will.  Please, pray that if the Lord opens an opportunity again, that we will be financially, bodily, and baby sitter ready to go.  That is our hope!


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Carol and I are preparing to go to Moldova in October 2008.  We are going with a team from our church – Neighborhood Assembly of God.  We are actually the second team going; as our first team went in May.  As we prepare, we ask you to keep us, our team, and our missionaries in prayer.  I put together a web page with information and about our preparations about the trip to Moldova.  See it HERE.

Our missionaries in Moldova are Andy and Nancy Raatz along with their children.  They have a web site with a lot of information, and Andy and Nancy have their own web logs (Blogs) that journal their journey in Moldova.  Here are those web sites.  Visit them to get ideas on how to pray for them.  John

Andy and Nancy Raatz websites

Andy and Nancy’s main web site –

Andy’ blog –

Nancy’s blog –

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We are planning on going to Moldova for a missions trip with our church. The trip is to be in October and we are already running short on getting things prepared to go. We completed step one by getting our passport pictures taken. Also, I sent away for a certified copy of my birth certificate. I suppose you can call that step two.

Since, neither of us have done this before, it is all new. I will share the journey with you as we complete the steps. John

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