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The Weather Report V.S. Reality… The weather report says we are supposed to get less than a half inch of snow.  It has reported this for a couple of days.  It has been snowing steadily, but lightly, for over the past 24 hours and we now have close to a half a foot, not a half an inch.  Click on a picture to see a larger view.

We are used to living in this odd little weather bubble at Jefferson City, Montana.  I guess it is time to go plow the snow!

– John

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Colorful Weather In Montana.

Have you taken a look at a weather map in the last couple of weeks? Most of the US has had quite an interesting time with the weather, and the Northwest US has been no exception.

Global warming is happening because I use spray on deoderant??? If you think that, you are nuts!

Turn up the heat, its cold up here!

P.S. (just a random thought in my brain) I remember as a kid, the same people who had nothing better to do with their lives except control others, were saying we were heading into another ICE AGE, and we are going to have to MELT THE POLAR CAPS.


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We had a good thunder storm roll through this evening with a lot of hail  The hail was small but it covered everything. Click the pictures to see a closer look.

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Memorial Day weekend is this coming weekend. We have made it a tradition to go camping with some friends every Memorial Day weekend; and this year will be no exception. It may be a very interesting weekend as we are having the strangest mix of weather conditions. There are snow warnings, winter warnings, flood warnings; and we will be in the middle of it all next to a rising river. And we WILL have fun, if it kills us! I say that in jest of course, but it may be by choice that we decide to have a good time, as it may not come naturally. What are you doing this weekend? Make sure you take some time and remember those that have gone on before us and for our country, and don’t make your weekend an excuse to miss church. We all need to go. Have a great weekend in whatever you are doing. John

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