New Luggage for the Trip to Moldova

Our real inexpensive (Cheap) Luggage

Our real inexpensive (Cheap) Luggage

Many of you may know that I am a miser, and get lots of things at good deals.  I don’t want to call my lovely wife a miser, but she is very thrifty.  We find all kinds of good things for real cheap at garage sales and thrift stores.

This past week, we visited Wal-Mart’s luggage department to look at travel items for our missions trip to Moldova.  We did not make a purchase.

Last week-end, we went to several garage sales and at two different places, we came across almost identical luggage.  We wanted something with wheels, and just a little smaller than the luggage we usually take on vacations.  Smaller?  Yes, SMALLER.  We are going to attempt to bring the bare essentials with us to Moldova.  It will make things much simpler if we can. John

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